New Favorite Cardio: Jumping Rope

New Favorite Cardio: Jumping Rope

Crazy times.  

Some no longer have work. Many are still quarantined to the confinements of their home.

Spending hours of your time at home has its costs. You are probably bored, sitting all day, rarely moving, and to occupy your time, eating more food to cope with life’s stresses. 

Body weight climbs, joints and muscles ache, and you feel terrible about how you look in the mirror. You decide to act and do something about it.

Your first choice might be walking, maybe running, pending on your shape, but even this can be difficult or get boring.

Let me introduce you to my new cardio obsession, jump rope.  

Why Jump Rope?

Jumping rope has a lost origin. Regardless, everyone correlates jumping rope to boxers.

If some of the most in-shape athletes in the world jump rope, then there must be benefits to it.

You and I are no boxers, then why should you and I jump rope?

Three reasons.

1.) It’s Simple

Jumping rope is straight forward, all you do is jump. First timers will suck but have persistence. The only advice for any newbie is to practice, practice, then practice some more.

The financial advantage of jump rope’s simplicity makes it cheap to mass produce. Don’t waste your hard earned money on expensive jump ropes. Jump ropes deteriorate over time regardless of it costing $5 or $105.

Once you purchase a jump rope, the excuses for not doing cardio are thrown out the door. Throw your jump rope in your bag or pocket and take it to go if need be.

2.) Good Posture

During this quarantine, people are sitting way too much. Everyone’s posture is getting worse than it already was, thus your neck, back, and legs begin to ache more.

Jump rope reverses the effects of sitting all day. Keeping your head straight, chest out, and core tight during a 20-40 minute jump rope session counterbalances the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

More jump rope practice leads to better endurance. More endurance enables you to jump rope longer. The longer you can jump rope, the better your posture.

3.) Less Impact

My quest in finding an alternate form of cardio lead to jumping rope.

One of my biggest pet peeves from running, especially running on concrete, is the havoc it wreaks on my body.

Regardless of my form, body weight, running shoes, etc. I’m always sore after a run and need to have a day off around day 3 or 4 of consecutive running days. If I’m running on concrete, I’ll rest every other day.

Jumping rope allowed me to continuously do cardio without having to take a day off because of how quickly my body recovered.

Yes, jumping rope is repetitive, just like running. But the impact your body receives is much less than running, especially for an exercise that burns nearly the same rate of calories.    

Making the Most of Your Situation

Time is essential.

With most people stuck at home, they feel they have unlimited time. Most are bored, waiting to get unleashed. But think about it, when was the last time you had “unlimited” time?


Still strive towards your goals and purposes. Your goals might have changed, but just because you’re home 24/7 doesn’t mean the world stops turning.

Put down the phone, turn off the TV, and for everyone’s sake get off of TikTok (no one wants to watch you dance). Start the project you’ve wanted to pursue or pick up a new skill/trade.

In regard to fitness, get moving.

You shouldn’t have gained weight or became less healthy just because you were forced to stay home. That’s just an excuse people are using because gyms are closed.

Learn calisthenics training, get your cardio up to par, and learn how to cook for a healthier lifestyle. All of these fitness changes are free, and take a small amount of effort.

Make the most of this quarantine. Don’t let the last couple of months be of waste. For me, I learned to workout via bodyweight and kettle bell exercises, which I now love.

Best of all, is my new appreciation for jumping rope!

“I walked into a new gym in town and asked where the cardio machines were. The owner looked at me puzzled and threw me a jump rope.”

Book of the Month: “Doctor You: Introducing the Hard Science of Self-Healing” by Jeremy Howick

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