Goodbye Hair: What I’ve Learned After Buzzing Off My Hair

Goodbye Hair: What I’ve Learned After Buzzing Off My Hair

Since birth, all the way through high school, I’ve had the same haircut.

Along came college, and I was free. I decided to grow the long, luscious locks out, and I liked it a lot. It was different, not only for me, but different compared to what everybody else had.

There came a point in time where I noticed hair beginning to gather in my brush. Didn’t think much of it, just figured I was “shedding.”

Fast forward a couple years, and the signs of thinning hair and a receding hairline had me worrying about my hair nonstop in my current, mid-twenties.

I tried nearly everything: special shampoos, vitamins and minerals, etc. which were all very expensive. After months of debating, I finally grew a pair and proceeded forward with my decision to cut it all off.

In a matter of seconds, my life changed for the better.

You Are Your Harshest Critic

Think of how crazy (and better) this world would be if we had no reflections, better yet mirrors?

No way for us to wake up every morning and criticize ourselves while leaning over our bathroom sink.

Nose is still crooked……… hairline is still receding……. eyes are still uneven……… hair is still thinning……. etc.

The list goes on. The more you look, the more individual “flaws” you’ll find.  

Most strangers in public and even people you work with or run into on a regular basis could care less about your so called “flaws”.

Why? Because these “flaws” make you an individual, an individual that is unique to only yourself. 

Men fear most how people will react, what people will say, or how they are perceived when they cut off their hair. But guess what?

No one cares.

All the anxiety built up from losing hair is in our own heads. A huge weight lifts off your shoulders once you follow through, and looking back, will laugh at how much stress you brought upon yourself from such a minuscule part of life.

Your Closest People Will Unexpectedly Give You the Most S**t

You’ve finally built up the courage to buzz it all off. Month after month of thinking about it, and the day has finally arrived.

Who better to turn for encouragement than your closest support group: friends, family, etc.?

But I was wrong.

My friends were great, as always, and much love to them.

I was also hoping that my immediate family would be the ones to lead the way with supporting my decision, but this initially turned out to be quite false. They gave me so much s**t.

They were dumbfounded, and I understand. They’ve known me my entire life, raised me from day one, and were around me every day for eighteen years, all with hair.

Then all of a sudden, poof, it’s all gone.

I assume that the first thing that came to their mind was that I was having a life crisis, and something was wrong. Actually, everything at the moment was just right and getting better.

You’ll get a balance of people in your circle that will give you s**t, and ones who won’t.

It’s just something to get used to, and really not that big of a deal either. It’s just hair.

Regardless of what people think, even the opinions of close family and friends, be proud to have done what a majority of men wish they had the courage to do.

You Are More Than What’s on Top of Your Head

As a man, you will never be remembered for what type of hair you had, or lack thereof. Men aspire to become great, to conquer, to become kings. Us men don’t have time to worry about things out of our control.

Regardless of whether you lose hair in your 20s or 60s, it’s nearly inevitable for men:

  • By age 35, two thirds of men have some sort of visible hair loss.
  • By age 50, this number increases to 85% of visible hair loss.

So why worry? Why care? It’s going to happen to the majority of men anyway. Don’t stress it.

Yes, young women might not be fond of a shaved twenty something year old man, but that’s just ONE small physical attribute that makes you unique. If women cared so much, balding men would have gone extinct a long time ago.

Your hair doesn’t define you.

Embrace it, rock it, and don’t hide.

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“We’re all born bald, baby.”

Book of the Month: “1984” by George Orwell

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