Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile Part 3: Five Finishing Touches

Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile Part 3: Five Finishing Touches

And finally, here we are. The last the “Perfecting Your LinkedIn” blog post series.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.


1.)  Complete Your Profile

My last post on this topic went into extreme detail on how to fully utilize a complete LinkedIn profile, but I can’t reiterate it enough.

Don’t settle for the easily accomplishable “All-Star” rated profile. Fill out your entire LinkedIn profile from beginning to end, and the reason is simple.

You’re 40 times more likely to receive opportunities on LinkedIn with a complete profile.

You’ve made it thus far. Spend a few extra hours and finish your LinkedIn profile.

2.)  Customize Your Profile’s URL

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn assigns your webpage a random URL (for example:

For you to stand out and market yourself better, you need to change this and personalize your LinkedIn profile’s URL.

In the upper right corner of your LinkedIn profile, click “Edit public profile & URL”.

On this webpage, click on the pencil in the upper right corner and personalize your URL (i.e. use your name).

Occasionally, your first URL of choice will already be taken. LinkedIn has over 570 million users. Someone’s bound to have the same first and last name as you. Add in your middle initial or middle name and you should be good to go.

With a personalized LinkedIn URL, your LinkedIn profile is likely to popup simply by Googling your name.

3.)  Turn Passive Job Search “ON”

Somewhere hidden on your LinkedIn profile lies a feature that enables you to turn “Off” and “On” the ability to passively job search, meaning you let recruiters come find you (if “On”). 

To be honest, this feature shouldn’t be available. Unless your LinkedIn is bombarded with recruiters looking to hire you, this feature should always be “On”.  

What makes this feature even more annoying is that it defaults to “Off”, even if this feature is “On” for an extended period of time. LinkedIn does tell you when this feature turns “Off”, but you need to know how to reactivate your passive job search abilities.

On your LinkedIn profile, click on the button entitled “Career Interests”.

The following screen pops up.

Make sure that this first section is always “On”!!!!

If this option is and has always been “Off”, you might have been filtering yourself out from recruiters’ job searches.

I only keep this passive job search button “On” in the “Career Interests” portion of my LinkedIn profile and that’s about it. You can add more detail by specifying job titles, location, type of work, industries, etc. in this portion of your LinkedIn profile.

4.)  Update Your Profile Silently

When I first updated my profile, I began receiving notifications from people “liking” my LinkedIn changes……


“Can coworkers and bosses see this stuff?”

Yes. Yes, they can.

I encourage all LinkedIn users to update their profile on the DL (down low). The whole world doesn’t need to know you’re on top of your game. Also, by doing so you avoid awkward questioning by colleagues and managers at work.

The issue is that LinkedIn profiles default to EVERYTHING being public. You’ll have to manually alter your privacy settings in order to keep LinkedIn quiet.

Click on the “Me” drop down arrow at the top right corner of the page and select “Settings & Privacy”.

Scroll down to “How others see your LinkedIn activity” and change what you feel works best for you. I’ve shown how my settings for this portion are below.

5.)  Keep LinkedIn……. LinkedIn

At this point in time, LinkedIn is a privilege.

It’s free, and connects you with hiring managers and recruiters all across the world. People looking for work are fortunate that companies hire and pay people to find you, and NOT the other way around.

LinkedIn is what Facebook starting out to be, a social media website/app designed for business oriented individuals. But now look at Facebook, it’s useless for 99% of the people whom use it.   

All the selfies, comments, likes, and self-gratifying aspects of social media are starting to infiltrate LinkedIn. Five years ago, you wouldn’t see this. Now every time I’m on LinkedIn, I’ll see someone wearing provocative clothing, attempting to sound influential, or a gym selfie with an “inspiring” quote. It’s nonsense and ruins LinkedIn for EVERYONE.

If you want your ego boost or validation, get it elsewhere. Leave LinkedIn to the professionals.

And that’s it, el fin (the end in Spanish)!

Hopefully all three blog posts have and will continuously provide some sort of value to your job search skillsets on LinkedIn.

If you or anyone else has any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.”

Book of the Month: “You Need A Budget” by Jesse Mecham

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