Mastering the Art of Solitude

Mastering the Art of Solitude

 “People enjoy their solitude and no ones brags about being lonely.”

I find it sad when someone has a vibrant social life (or appears to), yet feels lonely. How unfortunate. They’re surrounded by people 24/7 but can’t shake that feeling of loneliness. They have no problem with the amount of people they’re around but lack something more. What they lack is quality individuals in their life. Quality relationships will always outweigh multiple meaningless relationships whom take up most of your time, all in the hopes of filling that void of loneliness.  

People never choose to be lonely, however, solitude is YOUR choice. You choose at what time during what day you enter your solitary moments. You take away outside distractions, get work or goals done, and recharge your batteries. Everyone is born alone and dies alone and most of the time between is by one’s self. A sad way to think about it if you never learn to enjoy the presence of just YOURSELF.

Embracing Solitude

People whom are content alone have high levels of emotional maturity. With today’s technology keeping everyone distracted, most millennials are very emotional. Millennials tend to forget that you do not always need to be connected with others in order to be fulfilled and happy.

People ask, “What do you do alone?” or “How do you not feel lonely?” Here’s how.

Keep a Journal

Creative minds value solitude. It’s hard to concentrate to your fullest with people and “things” engulfing you. One of the most underrated and overlooked solitary habits is journaling. Journals relieve stress, spark ideas, and improve reading/speaking abilities. You can write what you’ve done all day, or as I do, make notes for upcoming blog posts. Anything to get pen/pencil on paper.

It’s no coincidence that many successful people have personal memoirs. They journal in their everyday life and so should you.


In the list of underrated and overlooked solitary habits lies reading. F.Y.I. reading, writing, and speaking all have an intertwined relationship. If you want to be better at one of the three, start by doing ALL three. Those who read more, write better, and those who write better, speak better.

Consistent reading increases your intelligence, overall wisdom, and you’ll notice your conversations with people tend to have weight behind them. You’ll cut out people and conversations whom aren’t well-informed and you’ll start attracting quality, likeminded people whom you want to be around. Read, learn, and discuss personal finance, real-estate, programming, history, science, whatever skill or knowledge you want to gain.

Pursue Hobbies

Hobbies are what make each individual interesting. But, with so much going on in today’s world, people forget to spend time on things they truly enjoy. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be done on a daily basis. In can be as simple as going for a walk or run by yourself or creating art work. Everyone has different kinks and values their hobbies differently. Find one and stick to it.

Meaningful hobbies helps create YOUR life vision. And that is where making use of your solitude lies most important.

Prioritizing Your Life Mission

I feel the biggest reason millennials struggle with solitude in today’s age is our lack of meaning, our lack of purpose. Nothing gets us eager for our alone time. Who’s at fault then? Who do we blame? Tough love, but it’s all in our own head. Read this quote out loud to yourself:

 “I am the center of my own universe.”

Repeat it. Write it. Believe it. Live it.

If you want the most in life, you must have this sort of mentality in order to aim and achieve self-fulfilling goals. Everything else falls into place. With your purpose in mind, you must highly prioritize your solitary moments, in order to get things done that inch you towards your goals.

If you’re worried about missing that night of going out or failing relationships, don’t be. Times like these fades away into your memory and people always come and go. Your mission will always be there, guiding you like the northern star everyone so desperately needs.

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“Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.”

Book of the Month:       “The Book on Making Money” by Steve Oliverez

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