A Man & His Emotional Core

A Man & His Emotional Core

My fellow men, what times we have upon us.

It’s extremely disturbing to see so many over emotional men struggle in life. I often feel that men today are way too soft, which derives from the many societal changes over the last few decades. Things of these sorts don’t just happen.

But us men are also confused. Men are told to suppress our “bad” emotions, i.e. aggression, anger, and rage, but be expressive, open up, and be emotionally available, all feminine qualities. And yet, people still have the nerve to ask what happened to our generation of men, as if they don’t know.

But is this possible? Is it possible for men to act this way and truly be the masculine men that society so desperately needs?

A simple answer for all men is hell no. Rightfully so, since there has never been a time in a man’s life where being emotional has improved his situation. Stressed at work, emotions won’t help. Financially set back, emotions won’t help. Lost in a relationship, emotions won’t help. In fact, adding unchecked emotions to all these stressful circumstances guarantee to make matters worse.

And men didn’t all of a sudden understand the value of his emotions. Men have adapted over time, just like any other species that’s still alive on this planet.

Thousands upon thousands of years ago, men realized that emotions fogged their judgement and logical thinking. In hard and dire times, men had to be emotionally stable in order to avoid his, his family, or native tribes ultimate demise. The only way to do this was for men to process their emotions and prioritize which ones he should indeed express and suddenly act upon. Men who let emotions get the best of him typical died young and/or never reproduced.

Another issue is to think that men and women are the same, as if they are completely interchangeable in society. Men are not women, and women are not men, but we do need both. It has always been this way and WILL never change. Quit trying to make us men more feminine. It will never help society as a whole.

Don’t believe me? Look at the hormonal and neurological differences between the two sexes. Men produce 12-17 times more testosterone than women, making men more masculine, and there’s a biological reason nature has it this way. It has been this way for 200,000 plus years. You really think this all of sudden changed in the last fifty years?

My fellow brethren, time to be in tune and understand our emotional cores.




There’s not a single man on this earth that is in total control of his emotions all the time. It’s just not feasible. What us men should do is delay our reaction to our emotions, or better yet find a positive outlet.

Had a rough day and want to curl up in a ball and cry? Screw that. Lift some heavy a** weights, go for a run, take a cold shower, read a life changing book, or write in a journal.  Even more importantly, avoid negative, and often times addictive, outlets when emotions arise (i.e. drugs, alcohol, etc.) and do not let emotions get the best of you. But if they do every once in a while, it’s okay, you’re only human. Do not feel less of a man.

Another issue is that us men typically suppress our emotions and bottle everything up, which is bound for an outburst. When it does happen, stop, think about why it happened, and learn from it. When I have a combination of stress and irritation, I tend to do this, and it’s funny how small something is that causes me to blow a fuse. Often a quick phone call to my father or close male friend settles me down quite quickly. Try it for yourself.

Most importantly, the environment around you will ultimately decide your emotional core. Get rid of toxic people, and start caring less about things you cannot control in your life. My most emotional and weak times were around people and in environments whom constantly brought me down. Get rid of them and watch yourself become emotionally more at peace.

And men, just remember that life itself will toughen you up, because life in general is tough for everyone. Learn from your past life experiences, hold your masculine frame, and you will become a better man.


Hope all my men readers out there enjoyed this post. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a masculine man in 2018. Don’t fake your strong emotional core. Don’t put up a front. Be mentally and emotionally rock solid. Doing so will enable you to live a much better life.

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“If you aren’t in control of your actions and thoughts, someone else is in control of you.”


Book of the Month:             “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

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