Minimalism: Picking Up Your Room

Minimalism: Picking Up Your Room

You’ve decided to begin the minimalist lifestyle, but where to begin? How about where you spend the majority of your time…….. your bedroom!

Waking up every morning, making your bed, and noticing how clean and organized everything is in your room will significantly impact your day ahead. Having a decluttered bedroom will remove stress from the start of your day and have a soothing effect when winding down for bedtime.

Going through and picking up your room can be a daunting task, but all you have to do is start. Once you begin, you’ll have the motivation to finish. Take everything step by step, day by day. My room took me a week through thoroughly. I organized my decluttering/cleaning sessions into 30 minutes per day when I arrived home from work. Once I saw the end result, I told myself that I’ll never go back to my old days of keeping trash and having a messy room.

First off, let’s look at your room as a whole. Name some large bulky items that you never use or find utterly useless. TV? Get rid of it. Old laptop or printer? Get rid of it. Notice how much space you’ve just created by getting rid of a few large items.

To make this task easier, split up your cleanup/organization shifts based on sections in your room. One day for floor space, one for dresser and drawers, one for your office area (another blog post), and lastly your dreaded closet (also another blog post).

Time for a walk through!


Cleaning Up Your Floor

Look how large this room looks. Ever noticed the size of rooms when you tour an empty house? You ask the square footage and can’t believe the number is really that low.

You have no idea how much clearing your floor space enlarges your room until you actually do it. It’ll make your bedroom look 10 times larger!

Follow these steps:

  • Before you start, remember the end goal is for your floor to be completely clear. Only exceptions are dressers, drawers, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Throw all things lying around your floor onto your bed. If you tend to get home from a long day of school or work and throw your dirty clothes on the floor, time to invest in a laundry basket AND USE IT!!!
  • Go through everything and make two piles. One pile is for things you actually use, while the other pile is for things you haven’t touched that year or don’t need.
  • Useless items, or items you haven’t used that year need to be donated to charity or thrown away.
  • What’s key here is that you put the items you need in a new location, NOT BACK ON THE FLOOR.


Cleaning Off Your Dressers

Just imagine having to clean this counter top weekly or constantly misplacing items here. Like the floor, people tend to put junk on all their counter tops in their bedrooms as well. Now an occasional organizer on your dresser, night stand, or office desk is fine, but many people tend to fill empty space quickly. This builds up over time and makes cleaning these areas extremely difficult.

Follow these steps:

  • Once again, throw everything from your flat countertops onto your bed and throw/give away things you don’t use or need.
  • If you do decide to keep a few items, either find a place to store them elsewhere or organize them neatly into ONE location, leaving all other countertops empty.



Going Through Your Drawers

The stuff you find going through your drawers is always priceless. But, you’ll then realize how much junk you truly have hoarded in them.

How many people have stuff they’ve never seen before in their drawers? I know I do. For me, my bedroom drawers were used to put excess clothes and junk, never to be seen again……until now. Going through your drawers will help you out tremendously when going through your closet. A lot of space will be cleared in your drawers, allowing for a more decluttered closet.

Follow these steps:

  • Once again, go through all your drawers and completely empty them out, putting everything on your bed.
  • Create a throw away pile, give to charity pile (hopefully the larger of the two), and keep pile.
  • Any clothes you haven’t worn in the last year can hit the road.
  • Reorganize everything back into the drawers that you intend to keep.
  • You should have PLENTY of available space left.


Also, get into the habit of making your bed every morning. Your bed should always be made unless you’re sleeping in it. It makes a huge difference in how your room looks and more importantly, you’ll feel accomplished starting your day off with a win.

By now, your bedroom should be completely brand new! The best benefits of having a newly organized bedroom is:

  1. Since you just went through everything and there should be less stuff, you know exactly where your stuff is.
  2. Cleaning is a breeze, no more having to shuffle stuff around or pick things up in order to clean effectively. I clean my bedroom from top to bottom in a matter of 5 minutes. Yours should be the exact same.
  3. Pleasing to one’s own eyes. Everything is neat and tidy, which will impress yourself and guests (feels good to hear a compliment on something you do daily).


Hope you all enjoyed this week’s post! Like I said in the beginning of this post, minimizing your office space and closet is next on the agenda so stay tuned! If you’ve missed last week’s post on men and their beards, click here!

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“Cleaning up your room involves far more than cleaning up your room.”


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