A Man and His Beard

A Man and His Beard

Since the age of sixteen, I’ve been fortunate with this thick, luscious, European red tinted beard, and I’m damn proud of it.

Not all men have the patience or genetics to grow a beard, but if you do, rock it until your days are done. But why?

Why are men so proud of their beards? Why do other men complement each other’s beards?

On a more interesting note, very few women compliment the hair draping down from one man’s face. How do women view beards? What’s their overall opinion of these hair follicles falling from one’s chin?

Let’s get into a hairy discussion about men’s beards in this week’s post!




By far the most popular study done on men’s beards and how women perceive them is detailed in “Evolution and Human Behavior” by Barnaby J. Dixson and Robert C. Brooks.

This study displayed pictures of real mean with clean-shaven faces, light stubble, heavy stubble, and full-grown beards to women while asking questions to obtain their results. Women rated full beards as having the highest parenting ability and healthiness. Women in their study found that heavy stubble was most attractive. Also, as the beards grew longer, the masculinity rates increased with it.

Another trending and more recent study on men’s beards and how women view them, is discussed in “Personality and Individual Difference” by Nick Neave and Kerry Shields.

What makes this study stand out is their artificially created men’s faces. Scientists used a constructed FACES software to build fifteen men’s faces, all with different levels of facial hair, similar to the previous study above. Faces with full beards were considered more masculine, aggressive, socially mature, and older. Males with light beards were considered most dominant. Males with light beards were most attractive, and preferred for long and short-term relationships.

I’ve looked over numerous studies to try to form somewhat of a statistical-based opinion on how women view men’s beards. The issue is that most results varied. The only few decisive conclusions I could make were:

  1. Full beards show a sign of maturity, since younger males typically can’t grow beards.
  2. Not all studies agree on attraction levels for facial hair length. Some women’s groups in these studies preferred clean-shaven men, some stubble, and some full-grown beards.

Personally, I think if a woman does find a beard attractive on a specific male, it’s because he’s confident and shows it in his mannerisms. As a male, beards tremendously help with a man’s confidence, and not only does this help with attracting women, but life in general.




Recently, I was checking out at a local grocery store, and the grocery bagger nervously asked me a few questions about my beard. You could tell he wasn’t the most confident lad, and unfortunately, this is way too common. I felt bad for the guy, and wanted to help.

Him: “How long did it take you to grow that out?”.

Me: “Around one month, but it doesn’t matter, everyone is different and you’re young. Grow yours out and see what happens. Be patient, and give it time.”

Him: Quietly mumbling, “But I just have peach fuzz.”

Me: “Don’t shave for 6 months and come back to me. Rock that s**t.”

He smiled and just from those last three words, you could tell his confidence improved instantly.

Masculinity is at an all-time low and for some reason also at an all time hated. Too many males in this world aren’t real MEN. Stick it to the societal norm and grow yourself a big, bushy, nasty beard. Every man should have himself some sort of facial hair in 2018 and beyond. The only reason to be clean-shaven is if your boss threatens to fire you, or you’re in desperate need of a job. See what you can get away with, it’s worth it.

Watch your confidence and masculinity grow as the length of your beard increases. People will treat you differently, both men and women, some for better and some for worse. Coworkers will stare, some may laugh as they walk by, but honestly, who cares. Majority of the time, people will respect YOU and your beard.

Remember this: Beards aren’t for attracting women. Beards are for men.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post! Stay tuned for another future hairy post on men’s mustaches! If you’ve missed last week’s post on men’s lower half dress wear, click here!

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“Having a beard is natural. When you think about it, shaving it off is quite weird.”


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2 thoughts on “A Man and His Beard

  1. Highly opinionated, coming from my bias of military conforming. The subjectiveness of the beard, the objectiveness of masculinity being based on a vitrue; confidence is more concrete. Being a man doesn’t mean the same for everyone but more of being comfortable in your shoes(board or shaved face). Comfortable and confident seem to be presupposed with ultimate value attributed to masculinity.

    Quote from a anonymous Sgt., “We dont have to hide behind beards because we are confident with our faces.”
    Seems to point more toward virtues than aesthetics.

    1. American military only began shaving because of chemical warfare. Before that, beards were very common and becoming more popular in the army today.

      Masculinity has one definition and it’s tied specifically to men. Biologically this will never change, ever.

      I’m sure when you had that lucious mustache you felt on top of the world as I do!

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