Big City Livin’: The Pros & Cons of Living in a Big City

Big City Livin’: The Pros & Cons of Living in a Big City

Whenever I’m back in my hometown, I’ll run into people I haven’t seen in quite some time. We catch up, ask each other what’s been going on, and where we are at nowadays. I’ll usually mention that I currently reside in Houston, Texas, and their reactions are priceless (especially older folks).

“Oh my gosh, that city is way too big!”

“You said how many million people?”

“No way, I could never!”

You get the idea. It’s not so bad, and quite honestly, I love it. It’s a huge wake-up call for someone who grew up in a town with roughly 30,000 people, moved to a decent sized city for college, then jumped to the 4th largest city in the U.S.!

Through online forums (Reddit and Quora) and my personal experiences, I’ve organized pros and cons of living in a large metropolitan city! Time to go over big city livin’!


The Hell Yes’s of Big City Livin’


Before I begin, obviously not all benefits of living in a big city applies to every large city in America, but I believe most do! Let’s look at the great benefits of living in a big city!

  • Career possibilities are endless.

Opportunities in big cities offer more and broader scopes for you to choose from! Houston is a huge mecca for the oil and gas industry in the southeastern region of the U.S and offers a ton of job opportunities. Los Angeles (arts and performance), Orlando (theme parks), and Detroit (automotive) are a few other examples of big cities built upon certain industries with tremendous potential for career growth.

  • Cultural diversity in larger cities provides a great learning experience.

Most immigrants coming into the U.S. move to big cities. Reasons being are 1.) more job opportunities and 2.) their cultures are already established there. I truly love this part of the big city lifestyle. Houston provides a large and diverse Hispanic and Asian cultures that I’ve never really been around before. You’ll pick up new languages, check out cultural events, and best of all, try new, delicious food!

  • You’re never bored.

You must force yourself to do nothing if you want to be bored. There are so many things to do! Attractions, concerts, museums, sporting events, etc., you name it, big cities have it!

  • I find most people very friendly.

This one varies from person to person and city to city, but my experiences in Houston have led me to believe this. Since many people come from all walks of life (and usually move here alone), they’re friendlier in order to network and meet new people!


The Hell No’s of Big City Livin’


For most folks, the cons are the reason people avoid large metropolitan areas. Not going to lie, they can suck, but sometimes theses cons make the pros so much more worth it!

  • Big cities’ cost of living is higher than average.

Fortunately for me, Houston is one of the cheaper, larger cities in America. Still expensive, but not nearly as bad as New York or Los Angeles. Living in a large city can run your bank account dry if you’re not smart with your personal finances. I’ve heard stories of people living in San Francisco (one of the higher costs of living in the U.S) pay check to pay check making six figures! Factor in your cost of living before making your big move to the city!

  • Big cities have higher crime rates.

Crime is everywhere, and unfortunately, I’ve learned this first hand. In moving, both to both Baton Rouge, and then to Houston, I’ve noticed an increase in crime with each move to a more populous area. If you look at the highest crime rate per population in the U.S., they occur in larger cities! Luckily, most of these crimes are nonviolent.

  • You guessed it, traffic!

It’s crazy to see traffic build-up at 10 P.M. Tuesday night on a major interstate highway. Like bumper to bumper parking lot traffic on a six-lane highway. What the hell are people doing on roads late at night? Or how about their commutes to and from work that cover 20 miles and take two hours? Definitely the worst part of living in a big city!

  • Big cities are noisy and bright.

Horns are constantly going off and buildings stay brightly lit……..always. I never noticed this until my dad came visit for the first time and brought it up. You’ll never have a period of complete silence or darkness unless you are way out in the suburbs. But, you get used to it.


I believe everyone should experience living in a large metropolitan city at least once in their lifetime! It’s such a new, fast living experience.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s post! If you’ve missed last week’s Mother’s Day post, then check it out here!

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“There’s no solitude in the world like that of a big city.”


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