6 Beginner Weightlifting Mistakes To Avoid

6 Beginner Weightlifting Mistakes To Avoid

One of the best habits to improve your overall health is good ole’ weightlifting. Besides its obvious physical benefits, weightlifting offers many rewarding psychological benefits as well!

The weightlifting journey is never an easy path, especially in its early stages. I remember my first day at my local gym, Baron’s Heath Club, and having no idea on what to do. I pretty much did what everyone else in the gym was doing (usually following the biggest guy’s routine since I figured he knew the most).

The only way to learn what works for you is by trial and error. If you can avoid beginner mistakes, then bypass them if you can! This week’s post will go over six beginner weightlifting mistakes to avoid!


1.)  Do Not Ego Lift


Ego lifting is a telltale sign of a weightlifting newbie. It’s extremely obvious that you have no idea what you’re doing when your form is out of whack trying to lift a weight someone twice your size can hardly do. Don’t do it! Most importantly, ego lifting will increase the odds of injuring yourself. Avoid this at all costs! A nasty injury early in your weightlifting journey isn’t worth the one rep max on leg curls!


2.)  Do Not Skip Legs


In my beginning years of lifting weights, I focused mainly on upper body training. Most men want massive arms, chest, and traps, along with chiseled abs. But what about the other half of your body?

You’ll see guys with big upper bodies and tiny lower halves and wonder if anyone’s ever told them “don’t skip leg day”. It’s not common, but men with opposite proportions don’t get the same heat!

Ladies have no problems training legs more often, but fellas, train those legs harder than ever! Fun fact: training legs will improve your upper body’s performance in the gym!


3.)  Do Not Spend Money On Supplements


One of the biggest scams in the fitness industry is how they market and sell supplements. Companies pay professional fitness “icons” to promote their supplements and people buy into it like crazy. DON’T FALL FOR IT. The money spent isn’t worth the little to no rewards from supplementation! The only supplement I take is a pre-workout and that is the only one I’ll ever endorse. Sometimes a long day requires a little kick of energy! But honestly, you can get that from a small cup of coffee.

To better your fitness journey, spend the money on quality food instead. Nutrition always trumps supplementation!


4.)  Do Not Dirty Bulk


Most beginner guys fall for this, especially when they are young and have a sky-high metabolism and/or are extremely active. The “dirty bulk” is just an excuse for lazy people to eat whatever they want! Now some people can get away with looking great while dirty bulking, but this won’t last forever (metabolism will slow down as you get older or become less active) and it’s extremely unhealthy! Eventually you’ll get overweight and decide you need to slim down. Unfortunately, losing weight is much harder to do in today’s society where temptations are all around us!

I recommend having a small calorie surplus over your maintenance calorie intake, with an increase in protein consumption. You should aim for a lean bulk diet while incorporating weightlifting into your life!


5.)  Do Not Neglect Your Mobility


As you begin lifting weights, you’ll notice everything in your body becomes tighter and stiffer. Stretching and foam rolling will loosen those muscles right back up! This is something that I’ve neglected tremendously for a while now. I’ve began focusing more on my mobility this past year, and my body feels so much better!

I recommend foam rolling and stretching daily! Adding emphasis on your mobility will make you stronger (increase your weightlifting performance) and your recovery will improve (you wont be as sore)! Ever see that person walking around like a zombie because they’re so stiff from lifting weights? Don’t be that person. Incorporate mobility work!


6.)  Do Not Follow “Everyone’s” Advice


I know, how hypocritical of me. I’m giving advice and telling you not to listen to “everyone’s” advice, but hear me out!

When you begin lifting weights, you’ll probably get more involved in the fitness community via social media. Professionals are constantly selling or offering fitness programs and I’d be highly skeptical if I were you. My advice is to take everything with a grain of salt. If someone looks like a Dragonball Z character, I wouldn’t touch his daily fitness plan!

And once again I’ve been a victim of this. Doing the daily workout routine of the 6X Mr. Olympia isn’t advised unless your goal is to enter the sport of bodybuilding. But hey, I learned where my limits were!


Now go and sign up at your local gym or create your own at home! Don’t be afraid either. Everyone has to start somewhere!  Hope you enjoyed this week’s post, and don’t forget to comment, like, share, and subscribe!


“Only you get out, what you put in.”


Book of the Month:                        “What Every Body Is Saying” by Joe Navarro


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