Intimate Relationships While In College, Good or Bad Idea?

Intimate Relationships While In College, Good or Bad Idea?

One of the most common questions asked in forums online, such as Quora and Reddit, are whether or not you should pursue an intimate relationship while in college.

Interestingly enough, this topic was repeatedly suggested for this blog during a survey of supporters last year! Just like most people, I’ve had plenty of real life examples to observe from. My inner circle of friends have both lived the single life or held an intimate relationship at one point in college. As for me, most of my college days were occupied while in an intimate relationship, but I’ve also had moments of being happily single.

Are intimate relationships while in college worth it? Seems like a simple question. But the answer is much more complex, mainly because it depends. This week I’ll dive into the highly talked about topic regarding intimate relationships while in college!




The pros list. You’ve probably already noticed that this portion is very, very short. Fair warning, I am biased since this is my opinion. THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO EVERYONE. Just what I believe is true.

The most important aspect, when it comes to intimate relationships coexisting with college life, is the “health” of the relationship. A healthy, intimate relationship in college should better your college experience and motivate/support each other’s goals in career and education! A true, healthy relationship pushes each individual to better themselves.

I’ve seen plenty of friends continue their long-term relationships throughout college into their careers, so it can be done. In fact, these healthy relationships show how beneficial they can be! Most of the people I know in healthy relationship are highly successful and I believe their healthy relationship has a positive influence!




If you are in a healthy, intimate relationship during college, then I believe most cons disappear. Like all choices made in life, there are costs to these decisions. Let’s look at the negative aspects of being in an intimate relationship while attending university:

  • With an intimate relationship comes sacrifices you’ll have to make for your partner. This applies to all intimate relationships in a person’s lifetime, not just relationships during college. College should be a time of growth and becoming your own person. Being tied down in an intimate relationship during this critical moment in life will alter your path, sometimes for the worse. You should be focused on networking/meeting people as much as possible, while not having to worry about a significant other! Live the full college experience and worry about YOURSELF.
  • This part is truly based on my experience as a male dating females, but intimate relationships are more expensive than being single. Since most people in college are broke as hell, being in a relationship doesn’t help one bit. Let’s say my significant other wants to go out to dinner this weekend, but I have a $100 textbook to buy. Being single completely gets rid of this situation!
  • Everyone has twenty-four hours a day and must prioritize their life. An intimate relationship adds another priority to your already long list! My priorities in college were: school, health, work, family/friends, then my significant other. Most partners wouldn’t be too happy about being this low on the totem pole! Just another headache when you should be focused on getting your money’s worth in school (especially if you’ve taken out a loan).
  • An intimate relationship not meant to be will drag you down and keep you there. For me, this is the biggest concern with intimate relationships during college.  Think of all the lost time, money, and grades suffered because of it. Life can be a ruthless teacher at moments. But if you learn from your mistakes, bounce back, you will be a become better person from it!


So, what’s my overall opinion on intimate college relationships? Well, like I said it depends. And it all depends on the people involved. I’d suggest remaining single, but if someone comes around your life during college and improves it, then go right ahead and begin an intimate relationship! If time goes by and an intimate relationship starts to set you back from your goals, throw up the deuces and never look back. Life’s way too short. Hope you liked this week’s post and more to come on college experiences! Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!


“You don’t want to look back and know you could’ve done better.”


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