3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Reading Into Your Daily Habits

3 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Reading Into Your Daily Habits

In my younger days, I couldn’t stand reading. I had moments where I would binge read. One chapter, then quit, one chapter, then quit, and kept repeating this cycle until I just quit reading. To put into perspective, it took me around one year to finish the first Harry Potter book (not kidding).

In college, engineering courses forced me to read daily. If I hadn’t read my ridiculously expensive, overpriced college textbooks, I’d fail! Simple enough motivation to read everyday.

Once I moved to Houston and began my career, I realized I had a lot of spare time (no studying or homework, whoo!). I’ve always been a huge advocate of self-improvement, but never got into it via reading. The stepping stone into my daily reading habit was when my grandmother passed away. She read daily, rereading multiple books, taking notes and highlighting critical portions she found important to remember. She was a brilliant woman and never ran out of conversation topics because of her wealth of knowledge! When she passed, I told myself, “maybe she was on to something, I’ll give this reading another shot”. Since then, I’ve been aboard the daily reading bandwagon! It’s amazing how someone can unintentionally better your life, just by being a good example.

This week’s post will detail three reasons why you should incorporate reading into your daily habits!


1.)  Self-Improvement


Fact #1: Multi-billionaire Warren Buffet reads 80% of the day, and in his early years of learning how to invest read 600-1,000 pages per day!

Fact #2: What’s one thing most leaders and CEO’s have in common? They read!

Like I’ve said in the introduction of this post, self-improvement is something that I live by and the focal point of this blog. Reading books (such as the ones I’ve linked in blog posts) can give you that missing spark or knowledge to change your life. Most of the books I’ve read have either been a wake-up call or enlightened my life for the better.

One issue I’ve noticed is people never apply what they’ve learned from reading into their life. You need to act upon what you’ve read! No point of reading a very good book and continue the same routine afterwards. This applies to all books by the way, not just self-improvement books. Fiction books spark ideas and help you get away! Reading, in general, has so many pros and little cons that everyone should do it DAILY!


2.)  Better Creative and Mental Performance


This blog wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for a tad bit of creativity developed from daily reading. Authors of the self-improvement books I’ve recently read and recommend are people I look up to. Since they seek to help people, I looked in doing the same. Thus, me creating this blog! The more you read, the more creative your mind is. This is especially the case if you read tons of fiction novels (which I need to do more of)!

Your analytical skills will also improve from reading! Students who read more in primary education perform better in school and standardized tests. My little sister is a perfect example of this. She grew up reading daily, enjoying every minute of it. It shows in how well she performed in high school and now in college. She is by far one of the brightest individuals I know, and I think it has to do with her early years of reading!


3.)  Health Benefits


The health benefits from reading are felt immediately once you begin!

Since I began reading right before bed, my sleep has tremendously improved. One of the worst things you can do is look at your bright cell phone or laptop right before bed! Reading has the opposite effect. Dim the lights down low and get into a good book for about 30 minutes before bedtime. I promise you’ll fall right asleep!

Research has shown that reading helps fight depression, reduce stress, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease (seriously why not read). Reading is such a relaxing experience in general. You can meet anyone or travel anywhere in a good book. All fiction novels let you escape reality and clear your head after a long day of work.


So really, what’s your excuse not to read? Hope you enjoyed this week’s post! If you’re unsure of what books to get, I’d start with the books of the month that I’ve linked at the bottom of each weekly blog post. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!


“If you’re going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books.”


Book of the Month:                           “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey


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