Holistic in Houston: Q & A On Balancing Health In Your Relationships

Holistic in Houston: Q & A On Balancing Health In Your Relationships

As I’ve stated in previous blog posts, relationships can be tough work. Now imagine trying to incorporate health into it!

In my lifetime, I’ve had a lot trouble balancing health in my relationships. Whether it’s family members or significant others, it can be a daunting task trying to better yourself and the loved ones around you when it comes to health.

This week, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a fellow millennial blogger who’s a living example of a healthy lifestyle! I’d like everyone meet Haley Fountain with Holistic In Houston! In this week’s post, I will share our Q & A on balancing health in your relationships! 


Q1.) First off, what’s the overall message of your blog?

A: My goal is to show people how easy and fun it is to live a healthy, balanced, and chemical-free life. I spent years trying all sorts of fad diets and learning about what works for my body. There’s so much health advice out there, it’s overwhelming! My blog is designed to help others look and feel their best and achieve that in a practical way!


Q2.) Do you naturally gravitate towards people who are more health conscious? Why or why not?

A: Absolutely. Humans naturally gravitate towards people who are like them. When it comes to my health, I find it especially helpful to be around people who have the same interests, because it holds me accountable. When I really started investing in my health and fitness several years ago, I started seeking out friends who had the same goals and values as I do. That being said, I have plenty of friends and family who are not nearly as health-conscious as I am, and I don’t love them any less for it!


Q3.) How do you manage to balance “nutritious” and “not so nutritious” moments with your significant other?

A: In a perfect world, our partner would have the same fitness and health goals as us. But in reality, you’re not always on the same page, and it takes a lot of communication and planning to make sure you’re both happy. I always operate by the 80/20 rule – 80% of my diet is clean and nutritious, and 20% is the fun stuff! My boyfriend doesn’t necessarily have that same outlook on his food, so planning ahead is essential to make sure we are both happy. We meal-prep on Sundays to make sure we are eating clean throughout the week, and some weeknights we cook dinner together. We’ve woven healthy eating into our quality time together, and it’s become something we both enjoy and look forward to. On the weekends, we try new restaurants and that’s when I splurge. We try to pick restaurants that have high-quality, locally-sourced food when possible.


Q4.) When we met, we discussed how it could be very tough convincing family members to become more focused on their health. What are ways to encourage parents without causing tension in the relationship?

A: As I mentioned on the previous question, weaving those healthy activities into quality time with your parents is a great way to encourage them into a healthier lifestyle. If you’re trying to get them to eat healthier, maybe offer to cook them dinner or find a healthy recipe and ask them to make it for the family. Go grocery shopping together and share with them what products you like to buy, and why. If you want them to exercise more, ask them to go walking with you, play tennis, go swimming….you get the idea! Maybe you don’t live in the same city, but the family gets Fitbits and you take advantage of their competitive side, turning it into a fun family competition. Make healthy living into activities that you all look forward to, rather than a lecture section that ends in an argument.


Q5.) What’s your one, best piece of advice for balancing health in relationships?

A: I always find it useful to establish expectations. When I really started investing in my health, I had a talk with the important people in my life. I told them, “this is what I’m doing, and this is why I’m doing it. I would really appreciate if you would support me and hold me accountable to these goals”. No one that cares about you is going to argue with that! You need to understand your “why” though – and it can’t just be to lose weight. That’s a short-term goal. Why do you want to invest in your health for the long term? Personally, I want to look and feel my best. I want to have the same energy levels in my 40’s that I do now. I want to be healthy and thriving for my future children, and I can only do that by taking care of myself now. When I explain that to the people in my life, they don’t argue with that….and most of them tell me that they want the same thing!


Q6.) Where can everyone find your blog or social media platforms?

A: The best place to connect with me is on my website, holisticinhouston.com. You can subscribe to my newsletter there, access my blog and all of my social media platforms are connected to my website as well.

Instagram: @haleyfountain

Facebook: Holistic in Houston


Lastly, I’d like to thank Haley for this blog’s first collaboration! Everyone check out her page and subscribe! She is very knowledgeable on the topics she covers, and I find myself learning tons from her. Don’t forget to comment, like, share, and subscribe!


“I believe the greatest gift you can provide your family and the world is a healthy you.”


Book of the Month:                          “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey





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