The Unfortunate Reality of Friendships As You Grow Older

The Unfortunate Reality of Friendships As You Grow Older

Rewind back to the the good ole’ days of high school and my group of friends were extremely close, pretty much inseparable. At that time, I figured these friendships would continue throughout college and early on into our careers.

But looking at where I am now in my life, I realized this didn’t turn out to be the case.

During the past seven years, I’ve learned that adulthood brings on different forms of friendships. Some wear out over time, some blossom and start new, and very few stay where they are. But all of this is healthy and normal, especially as you get older. In this week’s post, I will go over some unfortunate realities of friendships as time goes on!


You Become Your Own Person


As you mature, you become your own person that has his/her own sets of principles and standards. People will constantly be around you in your life and the ones that meet your principles/standards have the chance of forming great friendships!

Maintaining lifelong friendships while your principles/standards are changing can be the reason why friendships “grow apart”. Some friendships eventually start parting ways and become too much hassle. Investing in relationships is no easy task, so if the benefits aren’t worth the effort and time put in, then most people cut ties.

This has been one of the hardest life lessons that I’ve personally dealt with. Once you understand that it’s just part of life, you become thankful for all of the great memories and lessons learned from your friendships. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, so don’t let it upset you! It’s just part of growing up!


Geographical Distances Apart


Moving away to begin college or chase your career can bring distance between friendships. Since you aren’t as close (distance wise) anymore, communication might naturally begin to dwindle.

This is where social media and technology have such great benefits! You can keep in contact with friends all across the world; no matter where they go!

An example of how geographical distances effect friendships would be my college buddies. Some of the best memories thus far in my life have been with this group of friends! Whether it was Fred’s free drinks or tailgating for Saturday nights’ football games, we had great times. Funny enough, after we all graduated, everyone scattered across the country to chase our careers! Our friendships still remain to this day and we occasionally keep in touch. When we do get together, it’s as if we haven’t skipped a beat!


Priorities Change


Throughout your life, your priorities will constantly alter. Usually your number one priority starts with education, then moves to career, and eventually wanting to start your own family becomes your number one priority.

Prioritizing what’s important in your life can sometimes cause your friendships to get left in the back burners. For example, if you’re focused on getting excellent grades for an upcoming internship opportunity, you might dedicate less time with friends at that moment in your life.

Also, once you get married and have kids, your family becomes your life! Once kids are brought into this world, friendships are hard to come by. Until your kids move out the house, your free time will be little to none, which leaves less time for friendships. Once again, there is nothing wrong with this! That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.


Positive Outlooks


The best part about friendships as you get older are the friendships that you’ve been able to maintain throughout your life. These friendships usually become increasingly strong and valuable, especially if you all form similar principles/standards over time. Great friendships are hard to come by. If they provide a positive boost to your life, make the effort in keeping them!


Hope you enjoyed this post, and much love to all the friendships throughout my life! I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Like I’ve rephrased many times in this post; people will come and go, don’t take it personal. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!


“Choose people who choose you.”


Book of the Month:                     “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene


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