There And Back Again: Moving Back To Your Hometown

There And Back Again: Moving Back To Your Hometown

If you’ve followed my posts, then you’ll know that I’ve published a Q & A with close friends on moving away to a new city (Making the Big Move). Since then, I’ve gotten feedback from people wanting to know more about situations where they have the option to move back to their hometown.

I decided to interview a long time friend regarding this topic and thought it included valuable information for millennials our age! If you’re thinking about moving back home, read the following Q & A on moving back to your hometown!

One important disclaimer: our hometown is New Iberia, LA a.k.a. “The Berry” a.k.a. “The B” as you’ll see later in this post.


Q & A’s:


Q1.) Where have you lived since moving out of your hometown from high school?


  1. Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Martinsville, Indiana
  2. Martinsville, Indiana back to my hometown
  3. Hometown to Dallas, Texas
  4. Dallas, Texas back to my hometown
  5. Hometown to Tulsa, Oklahoma
  6. And Tulsa, Oklahoma back to my hometown

Next stop: Florida


Q2.) What brought you back to your hometown?

A: Well, that’s a loaded question. The day after graduating from college, my mom and I hopped on the road. My move to Indiana was for a temporary employment position. In the blink of an eye, the summer job was over, and I still hadn’t a clue of what I wanted to do with my life or career. I wasn’t necessarily swimming in cash money so moving back home seemed like the most logical place to figure out my next step. After what seemed like eternity, I landed my dream job in Dallas and moved out there. Long story short, cost of living was HIGH and my non-profit job paid a non-profit salary, so you do the math. So yeah, finances along with a broken heart landed me back in the sweet Berry. It’s fine. Then on a whim, I applied to dietetic internships and matched with a program in Oklahoma, so I moved there for a bit. When that was over, I moved back home for the arrival of my sweet nephew!

To better address your question, after each of the moves, I moved back home to “save money”, soul search, and spend time with the people who love me the most, my family.


Q3.) Has anything noticeably changed in your hometown since you’ve moved back?

A: You talkin’ ‘bout the CC’s near the bridge? Just kidding. I don’t think that my hometown has changed significantly; I think that I have. Once you leave your hometown and  return, you look at things from a different perspective. For example, I remember returning home once and looking at the poverty and cultural differences in my hometown as though I was seeing it for the first time, but in all actuality, it had been there all along. I just hadn’t noticed it. Surely, buildings have come and gone, but the memories will be there forever.


Q4.) How has it been being so close to family and hometown friends again?

A: A feeling of nostalgia overcomes me as a I take a similar route to the one I once took to high school every day, smell the familiar scent of burning cane, or pass near an old friend’s home. Every time before moving back home to the B (obviously there has been more than one return home), I’d spend hours dreaming about the ample amount of time that I will have to spend with my family and friends. What things will we do? What new memories will we make? How much have I missed out on? I can’t wait to catch up, but the truth is, I don’t see them anymore than I would if I lived away. I will be honest by saying it does feel nice to be surrounded by loved ones. I appreciate seeing familiar faces at the store, but I also find beauty in living in a place where no one knows you or the boy you went with to homecoming in 2007. Ya feel me?


Q5.) Pros/Cons of moving back.

A: Pro:

  1. The close proximity of family and friends.
  2. The food – dad’s cooking, mom’s cooking, pop’s cooking, the neighbor’s cooking, your aunt’s sister’s brother’s twice removed cooking. Errybody cooking the good Cajun stuff.
  3. The sense of familiarity is comforting.
  4. No mo’ FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out for those unaware of the acronym)


  1. The mundane
  2. Reminders of unpleasant behaviors of my youth… ouch
  3. The pride sucking statement, “I live with my parents”
  4. Lack of privacy


Q6.) What have you realized since you’ve been gone and returned?

A: I have realized that I will always love and appreciate my hometown, the place where I was raised for the better part of my life thus far. When people ask me where I’m from, I reference Tabasco hot sauce and proudly say “I’m from New Iberia”, but this hasn’t always been the case. I am humbly embarrassed by the shame I once felt when asked where I was from. After leaving and returning, I now see New Iberia for what it’s worth. The Berry laid the foundation for who I am today, and it also sparked my interest in exploration. After my first move, I was in awe of what lied beyond the Bayou Teche and Highway 90, but I am always grateful to return home to the birthplace of the “Gumbo Cookoff”, the most beautiful oak trees, an extra-large piece of Meche’s King Cake, and the sweet smiles of friendly faces.



Q7.) Future plans?

A: Dun dunn dunnn. I am moving again! But this time there’s no short-term contract, and we may as well call it the grand finale. I landed my dream job as a registered dietitian in Florida, and I’m moving in a couple of weeks! I have all of these extraordinary dreams for my future: start a blog, write a cookbook, create adaptive kitchen equipment for people with disabilities, foster a gazillion kids, travel to all the continents, and live a blessed life. My best words of advice are to not let the fear of the unknown prevent you from taking the next step or in my case, leap.


Q8.) Any other comments?

A: THANKS MATT FOR ASKING ME TO PARTICIPATE. I feel famous. Also, I’m really proud to be your friend. Come visit in Florida.


Hope everyone gains some valuable knowledge from this Q & A! Lastly, I’d like to thank the participant in this Q & A and wish her nothing but the best in Florida. The resiliency she displays in her career aspirations will make success so much sweeter! As always, don’t forget to like, comment, share, or subscribe!


“There’s no place like home.”


Book of the Month:                            “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene



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