5 Ways to Create Balance in Your Daily Life

5 Ways to Create Balance in Your Daily Life

At the beginning stages of creating my website, I asked a few friends for suggested topics to write about. One of the most common answers included a subject on “balance”. This can be a tough, yet crucial task for people our age since we are making big changes in our lives (i.e. moving out of our parent’s house or leaving college to begin our careers).

One key to happiness is obtaining daily balance. Too much or too little of anything can cause your balance to fall out of equilibrium. In this post, I will go over my five ways to create balance in your daily life!


1.)  Living A Healthy Lifestyle


Living a healthy lifestyle should be one of your main priorities every single day. A healthy lifestyle consists of physical exercise AND eating high-value, nutritious foods. There’s more to a healthy lifestyle besides the physical benefits (looking good and prevention of sicknesses, diseases, or injuries). Being healthy has scientifically shown to improve your odds of being happy and vice versa (the odds of unhappiness is increased when you are unhealthy). Being in a happy state will affect your day-to-day mood and create balance in your daily life. You will feel better and have less anxiety or stress, which is enabled by your healthy lifestyle!


2.)  Remove Negativity


Let’s cut out negativity! Being in a positive mindset is critical in creating a balanced life. Unfortunately, not all negativity can be removed because of factors that you can’t control. But if you learn how to disempower the negativity that you can’t control, you’ll have nothing but positive influences around you! See my recent post entitled, “You Are a Product of Your Environment”, to gain some insight on toxic environments. Once your negative distractions are removed/powerless, we can focus on the precious amount of time we all have in this world.


3.)  Time Management


Once college begins, perfecting your time management skills becomes paramount to master.  This is even more so for people who work while in college and have less time available to them. Everyone on this planet has twenty-four hours per day. Time management will let you use these twenty-four hours most effectively. I’d advise to use some sort of planner/calendar as a visual guide of your time. If you notice that your life seems out of sync, you can see where your time has gone and adjust your daily life accordingly.


4.)  Prioritize Daily Activities


I’d say that most people have a set schedule throughout their weekday Monday thru Friday. Prioritizing what’s important and what’s urgent can help you organize your long “things-to-do today” list. Prioritizing will also help you with time management and prevention of stress.  For example, most important or urgent activities will usually get done when you’re the most available and/or focused (for me, it’s definitely in the mornings). If you struggle with this, create yourself a visual list each day and go through each instead of going off of your unreliable memory.


5.)  “Me Time”


I’ve saved the best for last! One of the most important ways to create daily balance is having your “me time.” “Me time” allows you to regroup and reflect on your thoughts from your busy day. “Me time” is critical if you are around people 24/7 and need a rest from interactions with others (interactions with people can become draining). My “me time” usually occurs at the gym, when I stretch, or when I read late at night. Most people who don’t have “me time” tend to live unbalanced, unhappy lives. I can’t state the following loud enough: it is okay to be selfish with YOUR “me time”, it’s YOUR life!


Balance is something everyone chases constantly day-to-day. Whenever you find your daily balance, you realize you have control over your life. It’s a very powerful feeling to know that no matter what this world throws your way, you have the tools to regain your balance. Hope everyone enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!


“Everything in life has to have balance.”


Book of the Month:              “Modern Romance” by Aziz Ansari

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Create Balance in Your Daily Life

  1. Good post man. That last paragraph, especially. Balance is tough to achieve because there are so many pieces to it, and priorities are always changing. It takes work, but it’s worth it.

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