Making the Big Move

Making the Big Move

By far one of the greatest decisions I’ve made in my life was moving to Houston to chase my career. Not once have I regretted my decision. Since moving here, people have asked me questions about the thought process of making that big step. I figured it would be an interesting blog topic to help those who are considering doing the same.

To get other perspectives besides my own, I’ve interviewed four close friends who’ve also made the big move. All of us grew up in the same small hometown and after graduation, scattered across the country. Their locations include Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, and Billings, MT (yes, I can count; two live in Los Angeles). All names will remain anonymous and so will their career paths. Below are the seven questions asked followed by the most common answers and some comments I thought were vital.


Q & A’s:



Q1.) Why did you move?

A: The most common reason people moved was because the first job they accepted required relocation. Also, some cities are “centers” for specific industries which would attract certain career paths (i.e. Houston for engineering and Los Angeles for fashion).


Q2.) What were your pros/cons for moving?

A: Pros: The biggest pro in moving to a new city was expanding each others network, whether it be professionally or socially. It is critical as a person to develop and master these skills and moving away forces you to do so. Cons: As most could probably guess, the worst part about moving is leaving family and lifelong friends behind.


Q3.) Were there any doubts about moving?

A: Most didn’t have doubts regarding the move, but the thought of failure and the unknown future crossed peoples’ minds. You will somewhat be out of your comfort zone for a while.


Q4.) What were your emotions as you were in the moving process?

A: During a big move, people were generally excited and optimistic for the fresh start. Occasionally, sad emotions from leaving loved ones behind surfaced.


Q5.) Pros/cons of your new city?

A: Pros: Now this varies from city to city and person to person, but the consensus was that the new environment provided many things to see/do and new career opportunities. Most of these moves were to cities with a totally different geographical landscape, generating a lot of appeal. Cons: Since most of these cities are rather large, the cost of living will be extremely high compared to majority of the U.S. Also, traffic is a pain in the ass!


Q6.) Would you change your decision?

A: Everyone agreed to the following answer: HELL NO! Everyone has had positive effects on their life since they moved. One person commented that everyone should try to make one big move in their twenties and I’d have to agree.


Q7.) Advice for others thinking about doing the same?

A: And once again, everyone agreed to the following answer: MOVE! Go ahead and make that jump! I always tell people if you go and do your best and it doesn’t work out, YOU CAN ALWAYS GO BACK.


The one thing I won’t recommend is moving to a new place alone without anything lined up. Unless you have a lot of money saved, the odds of you figuring out what you want to do on the “fly” aren’t on your side.

Moving alone to a new city has done so much for me and the people interviewed. All of them are doing extremely well and are happier than ever. I can attest that if you do move and make it (i.e. develop new relationships and advance in your career), you will feel as if nothing can stop you. Once you realize this, life becomes so much simpler. Like previous posts, more to come on the current topic! Lastly, much love to the four individuals who decided to take time out of their day to answer these questions. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe!


“If your world doesn’t allow you to dream, move to one where you can.”



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  1. Agree with you! When I graduated from my university ,I chased my carer in a city which I need spend 4 hours being back to my hometown by airplane. But it’s a chance for me to grow up, be strong and know some very nice people.

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