Incorporating Nutrition/Fitness Into Your Life

Incorporating Nutrition/Fitness Into Your Life

Taking the First Step


If you are reading this, then I’m assuming that you want to make a change for the better. The beginning step to prioritizing nutrition and fitness in one’s life must first occur mentally. The most common reasons why people put nutrition/fitness so low on their “stuff-to-do-list” in my opinion are:

  1. time
  2. money.

People have at least 30 minutes a day for fitness and going outside to walk or run is free of charge. Also, eating healthier options doesn’t have to break the bank, so both of these excuses are out the window. Once you have overcome the setback of a negative mindset, the rest is just putting in the hard work. (Key note: Throughout this post, the word “diet” will not be used except this one instance. Diets have short-term goals. We are focused on a long-term lifestyle change, thus, we have nutrition instead.)


Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!


First off, if you are new to nutrition and fitness, I wouldn’t recommend making a complete 180 degree lifestyle change. Beginning minimally is ideal (i.e. drinking only water, no sugar, walking 30 minutes per day, push ups, sit ups, etc.). Too big of a change in your personal lifestyle causes many people to go back to their previous habits before better health was introduced. But if you have the drive to make that complete change, then more power to you! The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone is to experiment fitness and nutrition methods on themselves to see what is optimal for each individual.  Constantly change workouts (i.e. running/weight training/HIT training) and nutrition plans (paleo, keto, vegan, IFYM) to see how your body responds to each. Everyone is different, which is why someone’s fitness/nutrition routine works for them, but not for others. Also, give everything time; nothing physically changes overnight.

So what do I do? Basically I aim for four days of weight training and some sort of cardio, but if I can do six days, I’ll do six. As far as nutrition goes, I follow a paleo-based nutrition plan. I’ll cook my meals for Monday-Friday on Sundays, and on the weekends, I’ll usually eat what I want and enjoy myself. If circumstances during the week cause me to drift from my normal fitness/nutrition schedule, then no issues whatsoever. This might work for some, and not so much for others, which is why I preach to figure out what’s effective for you.


But Don’t Let it Consume You


Another issue I see in the nutrition/fitness community is that people prioritize it #1 in their life. Unless your career path is modeling or a fitness icon (i.e. get paid to look a certain way) then there is no need to give fitness and nutrition such a high priority. Don’t get me wrong, it should be very high on your list, but not above family, friends, or career in my opinion. You should be incorporating nutrition/fitness into your CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS, and LIFESTYLE. Keeping nutrition/fitness as priority #1 will cause you to miss out on life, period. The great thing about nutrition/fitness is that it’s addictive in a good way. Once you start making changes and seeing results, you will definitely be hooked. You will look and feel much better, and the way you carry yourself changes. It’s amazing to see how physical improvements in someone affects their mental state for the better. As a final note, remember that this is a long-term change of one’s life, not a quick fix to look a certain way. Best of luck and if any questions needed, reach out to me via email. Don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe!


“Your body is your most priceless possession. Take care of it.”


Book of the Month:               “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie





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2 thoughts on “Incorporating Nutrition/Fitness Into Your Life

  1. Way to speak of your experiences with incorporating nutrition/fitness.
    The pointers are great and I believe what is stressed here is finding ones balance and experimenting.

    Thanks for sharing


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